A fatal blow … a harsh response from Ahmed Al-Fishawi against Muhammad Ramadan (picture)


Artist Ahmed El-Fishawy responded, a fatal blow to his counterpart, artist Mohamed Ramadan, and managed to defeat him overwhelmingly, but that was through the poster of his new song “Number 2”.

Al-Fishawi shared, through his account on the “Instagram” social networking site, a picture of the poster of the song expected to be released in the coming days, which was designed in the manner of “comics” comics, in which Al-Fishawi was shown wearing a shirt bearing number 2 and dealt a knockout blow to Muhammad Ramadan, who wore a shirt on it. Number 1 drops the crown from his head.

Ahmed Al-Fishawi confirmed in a statement to the “IT Arabic” program that he would not accept Muhammad Ramadan’s apology, after he said in his new song, “Al-Tank,”: “Take my decision and I must win any outburst, with my apology to Al-Fishawi, the last of which is a picture.”

Al-Fishawi recently announced that he is preparing to release a new song from his production entitled “Number 2”.
Al-Fishawi pointed out that the song’s lyrics are bold, and that the idea of ​​a comedic response with “rap” songs is not new, explaining that it has been in existence since the seventies of the last century.

Muhammad Ramadan commented on the song “Number 2” that no one can make fun of his song “Number 1”, because it is the dream of every person with ambition, according to his statements to “Insider in Arabic”.

Ramadan expressed his wish that Ahmad Al-Fishawi’s song “Number 2” would be a success that would bring him second place, as he says in his song.

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