A former Al-Ahly player leads the Pyramids negotiations with Ali Maaloul


I wrote Asma Omar

Sunday ، 27 September 2020 03:09 PM

Tunisian international Ali Maaloul, left-back Al-Ahly, received an offer for the second time from Pyramids Club to move to its ranks during the next season through one of the former Al-Ahly players, whose move to Pyramids was officially announced recently after the end of his relationship with Al-Ahly.

In this regard, a source revealed to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the Pyramids administration renewed its negotiations with the Tunisian international to contract with him next season, as he is the best player in the Egyptian league almost this season. A source said that the Pyramids administration renewed its desire a few days ago to join Maaloul after previous attempts failed. It paid to join the Tunisian international, although the offer was very attractive and reached $ 2 million annually, double what the player receives in Al-Ahly.

The source explained that one of the major players in Al-Ahly Those who left the Red Castle recently led Pyramids’ attempts with Maaloul, taking advantage of his strong relationship with the Tunisian international, especially that this player was the reason for the departure of another important and young player in Al-Ahly to Pyramids.

The source pointed out that Maaloul renewed his rejection of the Pyramids offer, and confirmed that he respects his contract with Al-Ahly, which is still continuing for two seasons, referring to the former player in Al-Ahly who tried to attract Maaloul who is facing a crisis on the part of Al-Ahly fans because of its attack against him against the background of his recent actions that were the cause of He left Al-Ahly through the “narrow door”.


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