A grape-like fruit may help treat corona … know it


In an effort to find a treatment for the most severe symptoms of the emerging corona virus, Canadian researchers are studying the benefits of the Asay palm fruit, according to what one of these experts revealed, and previous studies have shown that the berry fruit of this palm, which is of its origin from South and Central America, can reduce inflammation.

The experts noted that the Corona virus, which is spreading its infection all over the world, may cause severe infections that lead to health complications..

Researcher Michael Farco, who has been studying the effect of this fruit on the inflammatory response for five years, decided to test with his colleague Anna Andreasa the effectiveness of these fruits in treating Covid-19 disease, according to “Euronews”.

“It’s just an experiment,” Pharco told AFP. “These fruits don’t cost much and they are safe and accessible to everyone, so it’s worth the effort.”

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The two experts gathered for research purposes about 580 patients diagnosed with Coronavirus in Canada and Brazil, where the cultivation of this type of palm is widespread..

Half of the patients received doses of an experimental drug, while the other half got a placebo. It is hoped, if this fruit is proven effective, that eating it early will contribute to avoiding the worst symptoms caused by the virus, which can lead to death, according to Farco..


The researcher explained that this fruit targets the same group of proteins known as “inflammatory particle NLRB3” that the virus targets..

When activated, these proteins contribute to fighting inflammation and stress.

It is expected that this study will take 30 days, and its results will be published at the end of 2020.


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