A humanitarian situation … a nurse checks the last wish of a cancer patient battling death … witness


In a touching humanitarian gesture, an American nurse helped fulfill the last wish of a patient with cancer, whose only hope was to be able to see his son play football one last time before the disease ended his life; Despite the difficulty of implementing this request for several reasons, including the distance and the deterioration of the health condition of the 50-year-old patient, the nurse made every effort to achieve this wish.
It is noteworthy that the nurse, “Jerry Humphrey”, works in a center to provide palliative health care to patients with chronic conditions in the state of “Kentucky”, USA, and formed a friendship with the patient, “Scott Sullivan”, who was transferred to the center last month after being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. Doctors inform him that the disease may kill his life within a period ranging between two and four months.

When Sullivan told his nurse that his last wish before death was to see his son play his first football game of the season with his high school team, she decided to help him fulfill his dream.

The soccer match was to be held in another city, a 4-hour drive from the palliative care center, and as his health condition was preventing him from making such a trip, the nurse contacted a local airport to find out if she could rent a small plane.

Several days later, a local dentist offered to take Sullivan to attend the match on his private plane, and Jerry Humphrey went with him to take care of him during the flight and match.

As soon as Sullivan’s son noticed his father’s presence in the stands, he ran towards him and embraced him in a moving moment that was documented by the camera lenses. International news sites circulated their footage, and the story spread on social media platforms. .


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