A new court decision regarding “Manar Sami, the girl of tik tok”, in her accusation


1:32 PM

Monday 28 September 2020

Qalyubia – Osama Alaa El Din:

The Misdemeanor Court of Kafr Shukr in Qalyubia governorate postponed, today, Monday, the trial of Manar Sami, known in the media as the “Tik Tok girl,” in the case of being accused of “breach of trust”, in the amount of 100,000 pounds, in exchange for financial transactions, to 26 October .

The plaintiff’s legal representative, A.K., stated in the notice bearing No. 4209 of 2020, that Manar issued a trust receipt of 100 thousand pounds to the plaintiff in exchange for financial transactions between them, but she refused to pay the amount on the specified date, and delayed it on Repayment, which prompted him to write the communication against her.

Manar Sami was arrested by the General Administration of Arts for broadcasting pornographic content on social media sites with the intention of inciting immorality and immorality.

The investigations revealed that the defendant had portrayed herself in a shameless manner and broadcast it on social media, with the aim of attracting young people to practice vice in exchange for money and were referred to the court.

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