A new mystery in the life of Haitham Ahmed Zaki, his departure … What is the relationship of Mona Abd’s son


08:36 PM

Sunday 27 September 2020

Cairo – Masrawy:

The program “et Arabic” revealed a new mystery in the life of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki near the anniversary of his first death, as he left our world on November 7, 2019, at the age of 35.

Bilal Abdel-Ghani, the lawyer of Rami Ezz El-Din Barakat, Haitham Ahmed Zaki’s brother, accused his close friend Karim, son of the artist Mona Abdel-Ghani, for acting and selling one of the late artist’s cars, after he confirmed that he had bought it from him before his departure, explaining: “He had two Arab women, And when we asked one of them where, it became clear that he had it and he said that he had bought it from Haitham. Social media should replace it, and if these papers were not intact, I wouldn’t pass by. “

According to the lawyer of Haitham’s brother Ahmed Zaki, the hadith of Mona Abdel-Ghani is not correct, stressing that “the deceased did not receive any amount from Karim, and there was no sale or purchase between them, and the power of attorney written in which the assignment of the car by Haitham to Karim is forged,” adding: ” We were surprised that there was no money rushed to Haitham, and one of the real estate workers told me that Haitham’s (Ranger) car had a license and the ownership was transferred after his death. “

He continued: “Karim returned and paid a sum of money to Rami after he sold the car to one of the exhibitors, and this is evidence of the validity of this incident. If he worked as a power of attorney and paid all its price, he would not condemn us money after death.” On this talk, in addition to the fact that it was very bad and I brought you to give you a name .. She actually intervened and paid part of the money, but continued. “

Lawyer Bilal Abdel-Ghani confirmed that he submitted an official report in the Dokki department, in which he demanded to verify the validity of the power of attorney that was made between “Haitham and Karim” and the other procedures that took place between “Karim” and the car dealership that sold him the car, adding: “Karim forged a power of attorney for Haitham during Haytham lives without his presence, and he issued another power of attorney based on the forged power of attorney for the owner of the car showroom, and the showroom also sold the car without reference to Haitham’s heir, his brother Rami Ezz El-Din, and there is an unknown third party who bought the car from the showroom.

While Mona Abdel-Ghani responded to these accusations, saying: “The real estate registry, when we build a power of attorney, must be in the presence of the agent and the client to him, and there is an accurate verification of the client, and Rami’s lawyer was not present in the life of Haitham Ahmed Zaki, and suddenly appeared without introductions to demand us I will not mention things that are subject to investigations by the competent authorities, and the coming days will witness the sincerity of my words and the safety of my son’s position, and there is defamation of me and my son Karim, and we appointed a lawyer to defend us and take legal measures against those who try to defame us and blackmail us. .

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