A new reduction in the prices of Hyundai Tucson .. Photos


The Korean auto giant Hyundai recently launched the car Hyundai Tucson Which Car A family of merit in the Egyptian market and were able to compete with all the cars It strongly surpasses others in its categories due to its robust, practical, and safe advantagesthe quality And their prices and retain the highest value at resale.
Come Hyundai Tucson hyundai tucson Powered by a 1600 cc engine with a 6-speed transmission and a 1600 cc Turbo GDI, Tucson features premium safety features such as 6 front and side airbags, ABS anti-lock brakes, EBD, ESP, HAC and Electronic Stabilization System When cornering, EPB electronic handbrake with Auto Hold capability as well as BSD blind spot detection.

Hyundai Tucson hyundai tucson available Also With external cameras that allow 360⁰ vision of the car, with front and rear parking sensors, as well as LED front lighting that ensures exceptional visibility to the roads, whatever the surrounding conditions, and finally, you can install ISO FIX child seats to ensure the safety of all family members.

Prices Hyundai Tucson hyundai tucson In Egypt, as announced by some dealers and distributors

The price for hyundai Tucson It starts from 409,900 pounds to 489,900 pounds for the highest category after what was the highest category sold at a price 559.900 pounds .


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