A painful blow .. Erdogan’s mercenaries are preparing to leave Libya


The Libyan National Army announced the start of the withdrawal of Syrian mercenaries from the Libyan territories, to transfer them to the Karabakh border region between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Libyan army said, according to what was reported by the Saudi event, that the recent Libyan consensus confirms the Turkish role that has begun to recede in Libya.

While the Syrian Observatory confirmed the readiness of 9,000 Syrian mercenaries to return to the Syrian territories, following the recent Libyan agreements.

Sources revealed to Saudi Arabia TV, that the Hurghada meeting on the situation in Libya focused on confirming the ceasefire in the Libyan territories.

The sources said that the meeting discussed disarmament and stopping the flow of mercenaries to the Libyan territories, as well as unifying the work of the military and security institutions in Libya.

The Hurghada meeting on Libya also agreed to discuss the sovereign positions after choosing the new Libyan government.

The UN envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, confirmed that the United Nations rejects the continued flow of weapons and mercenaries daily to Libya.

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