A quarter of Beirut’s children are without education, and the reason is the port explosion


The committee said in a statement that “with 163 schools affected Beirut blastNow, at least one child, out of every 4 children in the city, is at risk of losing their education. ”

She explained that her estimates are based on the repercussions of the explosion only, without taking into account the consequences of the outbreak of the pandemic. Covid-19.

It stated that “more than 85 thousand students were enrolled in schools that were damaged by the explosion,” at a time “it may take up to a year to repair the most affected buildings.”

And caused an explosion The harbor On the fourth of August, more than 190 people were killed and thousands were injured, and a number of neighborhoods and facilities were severely damaged.

The explosion was a devastating blow to the economy, which is burdened by an increasing outbreak novel coronavirus In the wake of an accelerating collapse since last year, the worst in decades.

The committee indicated that the slow pace of the reconstruction process and parents’ concerns about the cost and safety of transporting their children to alternative schools, in addition to sending children to work to help their poor families, may expel more students from school.

“In general, we expect to see much fewer children enrolled in school in September, and a high dropout rate as the school year progresses,” said the acting director of the committee in Lebanon, Muhammad Nasser.

Schools have not received their students normally since the outbreak of the new Corona virus. Lebanon has so far recorded more than 35,000 injuries, including at least 340 deaths since February.

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