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Revealed Saudi About a unique work of art, designed by one of its artists from a large number of concrete castings that were used to repel the armed attacks that the Kingdom had previously witnessed and almost faded away in the past few years.

The artwork is a row of concrete castings in the form of adjacent, opposite and overlapping rooms leading to each other in a maze that is difficult to exit from, but it is all surrounded by a square wall in one of the famous squares in the capital.

And the Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, published pictures of the artwork designed by the artist Hammoud Al-Atawi from the famous concrete barriers that spread in cities.


Commenting on the end of the artwork and its appearance in its current form, the minister wrote, “# The Maze_ of Delusion is an art work that tells the story of the maze of terrorism in the King Salman Oasis in Riyadh. With the wisdom of our wise leadership, the valor of the security men, and the awareness of society, we have triumphed over the maze. Thank you, Riyadh Municipality for its support. Thanks to the artist Hammoud Al-Atawi.

The Governor of Riyadh, Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Ayyaf, also published a picture of “The Maze of Delusion,” which is the name of the artwork. To the Ministry of Culture … on this cultural movement, and our role in the #Manada_Riyadh region is to prepare the city to be a supportive environment and a theater for youth creativity and art.

The kingdom has been subjected to numerous attacks since the 1990s, most of which have launched internal armed cells targeting security centers, policemen, and military and civilian installations.

This type of attack necessitated the use of concrete barriers to protect facilities and centers and prevent cars and people from reaching them.

Concrete casts are also used in service projects in cities, such as: excavations related to sanitation, building, or telecommunications and electricity services, and some of them are for “Riyadh Metro” projects.


But the Capital Municipality has removed tens of thousands of concrete barriers from the streets and squares in recent years, after the need for them has ceased to exist, and complaints have increased about their presence and obstruction of traffic.

And the idea of ​​using these casts in an unprecedented work of art in the Kingdom found a positive echo, which was reflected in the reactions given by those who witnessed the “maze of delusion”.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Hammoud Al-Atawi, was born in Riyadh in 1986 and works as an art education teacher.

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