A security source: The prosecution of “Anteel Al-Gathering” after the complaint of the girl “You are the most important”


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A security source revealed that the security services at the Ministry of Interior have not yet received any official communications in the case known in the media as “Antel Al-Tagamoa”, in which a girl accused a man whom she met inside a gymnasium in the Fifth Settlement area of ​​sexually assaulting her.

The source told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the ministry’s competent authorities are examining what was mentioned in the “You are the most important” initiative regarding the complaint of a number of girls who confirmed that they had been sexually assaulted by the accused, stressing that he would be prosecuted with summoning the victim who announced the incident.

The “You are the most important” initiative had exploded the case, in a statement, and said that a girl was sexually and financially exploited by one of the people visiting one of the gymnasiums in the Fifth Settlement. The girl said in her message to the initiative: “I do not know how to describe what happened to me. , The story began several months ago .. I got to know him in one of the famous gyms, and he was an attractive young man with an overpowering presence who was able to draw my attention, and more than one conversation took place with him superficially at first I quickly got used to his presence.

She added, “We converged quickly and started talking continuously and meeting outside the gym repeatedly..I found him tender and generous .. and it worried me about his excessive audacity, but I overlooked it .. Soon the friendship turned into an emotional relationship. I do not yet know how to lure me into a sexual relationship .. I know. I have sinned and I am not looking for a justification for my sin, but I did not imagine that my resistance would collapse in front of him, to find myself in front of a professional criminal who blackmailed me financially in every way … to find out after I searched on his phone for catastrophic things … I was not his first victim, and of course I will not be the last.

And she continued: “I read conversations in his sleep between him and the wife of a famous person, and discovered that this lowly person had a relationship with this wife and her daughter at the same time and he used to visit them in the West Golf area and kept pictures of this lady on his phone that she sent him .. Of course she is a criminal like him because she knows He is in an emotional relationship with her daughter at the same time that he has an illegal relationship with her .. What I know about Antel gathering are many things, and I have proof of everything I say .. and when I confronted him, he beat me and blackmailed me, but I decided to take my right and the right of all the girls whom he deceived and exploited. I inform the authorities of everything I know about this criminal person and his victims..including the famous man’s wife, whose photos and conversations I keep with him… I ask (you are the most important) to support me and stand by me in my case. ”

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