A shocking reaction to Rawan bin Hussein after winning the title of the second most beautiful face among the world’s women in 2020


The Fashionista and the Kuwaiti ModelRowan bin HusseinA state of controversy after it got me Second place Within a list 10 most beautiful Muslim women in the worldAccording to the results of his competition FillGap site Entertaining, As she surpassed the rest of the names on the list, which included the two American sisters fashion models Gigi Hadid And Bella Hadid And who got the fifth and sixth place, respectively.

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The list was topped by the young Turkish actress Handa ArchilThen the two Turkish stars were occupied Fahriye Augen And Meryem Uzerli The third and fourth place, respectively, on the list, while the Iranian actress came in seventh place Bharat Kayan AfsharThen, the Indian actress and model reached eighth place Zarin Khan.

And occupied Sheikha Mahra bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumThe daughter of the current ruler of Dubai, SheikhMohammed bin Rashed Al-Maktoom“, The ninth place in the list of the 10 most beautiful Muslim women in the world, then came in the tenth and last place the Bangladeshi model.”Mahjabeen Chowdhury“.

Comments on Rawan bin Hussein Ali winning the title of the second most beautiful face among the women of the world

Cancel reply Rowan bin Hussein On the news of her obtaining second place in List of the most beautiful 10 faces of Muslim girls in the world for 2020 To surprise her audience, saying:Something not to be proud of“.

And it appeared Bin Hussein In a video clip with her friends through her personal account on the applicationsnap chatShe says: “I missed me, today I fell asleep on the title of the second most beautiful Muslim woman in the world,” adding: “Although it is not one thing to be proud of … but something that makes every girl happy to be beautiful.”

Her friends answered, saying, “Congratulations, Yarwan,” and you are really beautiful and deserving of the title.

FillGap criteria for the world’s most beautiful Muslim face

Was adopted FillGap site In the selection of the competition on certain criteria

Most notably talent, beauty, and charisma, which sparked controversy and astonishment among the pioneers of social media for the supremacy of Kuwaiti fashionista Rawan bin Hussein and topped her in second place, to come before the rest of the candidates on the list, indicating that there are stars on the list who have more beauty and talent than them. .

Rowan bin HusseinA fashionista and a Kuwaiti model, she was born in Kuwait City on December 3, 1996, she has 3 sisters and one brother. She lived with her family most of her life in Britain, and received her university education from the University of Westminster in London, and she obtained her BA in law.

She is considered a Kuwaiti blogger in the fields of fashion and literature. She has a blog in which she writes poems and stories. She also works as an editor for Velvet magazine. She currently lives in London and is seeking to obtain a BA in navigation from the Oxford Academy of Navigation.

Rawan attracted attention to her after she succeeded in losing her excess weight to become a model appearing in the most important magazines in the Arab world such as “Vogue Arabia”, while she is the advertising face of the most important cosmetics and international fashion companies such as “Lancome”, “Maybelline”, “Mac And others.

Her followers call her ‘Brooke Shields Kuwait“, Due to the great similarities between her and the American actress Brooke ShieldsAs she has more than 3.5 million followers through her personal account on the photo and video exchange site InstagramAnd she is considered like any Arab girl living in a European country who adheres to many Arab customs.

Due to its success among the youth, in 2017, she launched the book “As You Didn’t Love a Woman”, which sparked a great debate about whether it was authored, and the well-known Arab writer Ahlam Mostaghanami accused her of stealing

The title is from one of her books, so she can later take a step back and even encourage giving the book a chance to read.

got married Rowan bin Hussein From the Libyan businessman Youssef Al-Maqrif, but she separated from him a short time ago, after she claimed that he transmitted to her a sexual disease called papillomatosis due to his multiple sexual relations, which prompted her to seek divorce and defame it, as it caused a great controversy after she published pictures of him, his family and the girl he had betrayed with, Go back and delete the pictures and apologize for the above, and now she is not dating anyone.

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Rowan bin Hussein One of the most successful and famous businesswomen in Kuwait, as she launched her own fashion line “On the Look”, and worked with the most famous fashion photographers in the world such as Ted Baker, and in June 2018 launched her own brand “Dar Rawan”, which specialized in the production of cosmetics. Cosmetic, especially lip pencils.

On the other hand, she has won Bin Hussein AwardGold ShineFor being the most influential social media celebrity for the year 2017, in addition to her appearances with many YouTube stars such as Shoaib Rashid on the “Swar Shoaib” program, and makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, who won the Golden Shield from Queen Elizabeth on “Vogue Arabia” channel.

She was reported Psych Before, she did not expect the success and fame she achieved on Instagram, especially since she began posting her photos to tease a young man she liked, only according to her saying.

It is worth mentioning that Rowan bin Hussein The social media talk was recently after she was exposed to several unique and funny situations, in addition to the accident that she was exposed to and caused her to break her foot and sit at home for a long time after the specialist doctor ordered her that she should not walk on her and she must rest completely and Not standing on it for a long time until the wound has healed.

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Hours before her, she had topped The trend of Saudi ArabiaAfter a Saudi man requested her hand to marry through a video clip that he broadcast in front of everyone through his personal account on the Twitter mini-retrieval platform, which sparked a state of controversy and magic among her followers, stressing that it does not suit her at all, while Bin Hussein commented on the video, saying that The man has light blood and the video of her laughter.


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