A shocking reason behind the delay in announcing Hala Shiha’s engagement with “Moez Masoud”


The news of the relationship between the Islamic researcher, Moez Masoud and the artist, Hala Shiha, sparked a great deal of controversy on social media, especially in light of the two parties’ commitment to complete silence, and their failure to comment on the matter, whether in denial or proof.

Sources revealed that the duo had already celebrated their engagement 4 months ago, in a narrow family setting, due to the Corona virus, and that they are preparing for the wedding during the coming period.

These sources added that “Moez” and “Hala” agreed on everything related to their relationship, and that the reason behind the delay in announcing their engagement to the public until now is “Canadian Youssef Harrison,” the former husband of “Hala”; He threatened her that he would request the custody of their sons “Ahmed and Aisha” be attached to him, in the event of her marriage, so that they would live with their sisters “here and Khadija” in Canada with him.

She added that Hala Shiha is trying to resolve this problem amicably with her ex-husband, before officially announcing her association with “Masoud”.

News spread about Moez Masoud’s association with the artist, Hala Shiha, after their presence together in more than one place, as well as his keenness to be with her inside the scenes of filming her latest series “Betrayal of Ahed”, which was shown last Ramadan.

It is reported that Hala Shiha was married twice. The first is from artist Hani Adel, and the second is from Youssef Harrison, and she bore him 4 sons, “Hana, Khadija, Aisha and Ahmed”. Moez Masoud got married 3 times, the first from “Sarah”, Miss American University in 2003, and the second from the tourist guide Basant Noureddine, and the third from the artist Sherry Adel.


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