A shocking response from Tim Hassan for not publishing pictures of his wife, Wafaa Al Kilani


The Syrian artist was shocked Tim Hassan One of his followers on the social blogging site Twitter when asked why he did not publish pictures of his Egyptian media wife, Wafaa Al Kilani.

The question came in an open dialogue on Twitter: “Why are you not downloading pictures of yours, your family, your children, and your times”, to the Syrian star responds: “I am free or not.”

The Al-Sabah Company announced the show of the prestigious series Response on the first of November, after it was scheduled to be shown in the last Ramadan season, but was postponed due to stopping filming in Lebanon due to the spread of the Corona virus.

“Prestige, Response” from Tawal Tim Hassan, Mona Wassef, Dima Kandalaft, Adel Karam, Uwais Makhlati, Rosina Lazqani, Abdo Shaheen, Nazem Issa, Laila Qamari, Khatam Al-Lahham, Saeed Sarhan, supervised by drama Fouad Hamira. The work is directed by Samer Al-Barqawi, and produced by “Sabah Brothers”.

The events of the fourth part of prestige revolve around the return of Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal to his life after an attempt to assassinate him, and his loss of his wife and son, trying to uncover the perpetrators, and events escalate when he discovers things that cannot be punished.

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