A surprise about the daughter of Noha al-Amrousi, turns the course of the Vermont crime


The Vermont case, in which a girl was gang-raped, inside the famous hotel, during the past hours, witnessed new developments, which may change the course of the investigations.

This came after the health inspector in charge of examining “Nazli Mustafa Karim,” the daughter of the artist Noha Al-Amrousi, who is imprisoned for involvement in the case, confirmed that she is already suffering from psychological disorders, and also asked to present it to a psychiatric consultant.

The doctor, Nabil Al-Qatt, wrote in the report, which he submitted to the Public Prosecution, that Nazli’s psychological poor condition was due to the exploitation she was exposed to physically, financially and psychologically.

He also confirmed that her relationship with her boyfriend, which lasted for many years, It went through several stages; The first was love, then he sought protection and escaped from losing her father at a young age, then fear of exposure to violence and revenge, indicating that the Vermont crime made her feel that she was not the only one who was harmed by this person, which prompted her to unite with the victim, and defend her.

He added that “Nazli” suffered a lot from the loss of a father, grandfather and grandmother, in addition to being deprived of the tenderness of the mother, and that this was what made her subject to blackmail and psychological, material and sexual exploitation throughout these years.

The “cat” concluded his report that “Nazli” needs long medical and psychological treatment to treat the traumas she was exposed to in her life, through protection, safety, and building safe and stable social relationships.

He also said: “Nazli needs a long medical and psychological treatment aimed at treating the trauma she has been exposed to, and depends on reassurance and protection, and aims to build a strong ego, warm and friendly relationships, and a spiritual and social life characterized by stability and effectiveness.”

It is noteworthy that Nazli Mustafa Karim is the wife of “Amr Ibrahim Gharib Fares,” one of the defendants in the Vermont crime, and she was imprisoned pending ongoing investigations, especially after a video clip of her was leaked on social media, in which she appeared with a number of young men and women, in disgraceful situations For etiquette, in a hotel room, what made her position on the issue difficult.

The Public Prosecution also continues to search for the remaining fugitive suspects, and pursue them internationally, after placing them on the travel ban lists, to arrest them.


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