A surprise in the “incest” case: the aunt and her son threw the victim from the window


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On Sunday, the Public Prosecution charged a housewife and her son in the 15th of May area with “premeditated murder” for accusing them of throwing her nephew by throwing him from the fifth floor, after a quarrel arose between them that developed into a fist fight, and the prosecution ordered the accused to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations and an autopsy of the victim. To ascertain the cause of death.

The investigations of the Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed on Sunday that “the defendants and the victim on the day of the accident consumed a large amount of narcotics and alcohol, and a quarrel broke out between them, during which the victim beat his aunt, and ended with throwing him from the window of their residence from the fifth floor, so he fell dead.”

The investigations revealed that the accused housewife, 42 years old, 21 years older than her sister’s son, who moved to reside with them three years ago permanently after the death of his mother, and had an illegal relationship with his aunt for the past 6 months.

The prosecution’s investigations revealed “the false allegations of the victim’s aunt and her son that the victim had fallen from the fifth floor, after he lost his balance during his escape from her son, after revealing their forbidden sexual relationship.”

The Cairo Investigation Police had received a notification from the people of the death of a worker due to his fall from the fifth floor, and a team of investigation officers moved to the site of the accident, and after collecting investigations and editing a report on the incident, the prosecution took over the investigations and ordered the arrest of a housewife and her son, who issued the previous decision.

A housewife named “H.S.” told the detectives, after she was caught in the incident of practicing vice with her sister’s son in the area of ​​May 15th, that her sister’s son was practicing vice with her and that her son suddenly entered them and tried to escape from her son who tried to kill him, so he lost his balance and fell from the fifth floor .

The accused explained that she was not accustomed to practicing these actions, except that her sister’s son tempted her and made her practice immorality with him, taking advantage of her son’s absence, stressing that she regretted her act.

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