A test of the Russian “Luna-25” probe in the suburbs of Moscow


Russia intends to launch the “Luna-25” probe to the moon in October 2021, after a time lag of more than 40 years. A statement issued by the company “Lavochkin” that manufactures space devices stated that the geothermal tests of a model of the “Luna-25” probe stated. The Russian Luna – Globe) was conducted between last July and September this year in a branch of the Russian “Ross Cosmos” organization in the city of Peresvit on the outskirts of Moscow.

Wolfa expected RTThe ground stage of testing the probe was to create conditions that the space model would be exposed to during its flight in the cosmic space, including the conditions of high and very low temperatures and the conditions of its launch from the space airport platform, as well as the conditions of the influence of space rays and sunlight on its body, and the pressure it was exposed to was also simulated. The probe while landing on the moon and working there.

The “Luna-25” probe opens the new Russian lunar program, which requires studying the moon from its orbit and on its surface, as well as transporting lunar soil samples to Earth, which was first planned to be launched in 2019, then this date is postponed to 2021, as for the next lunar mission “Luna-26”, according to the Russian space expert, will be realized in the years 2023-2024, while the “Luna-28” probe, which will transport samples of moon soil to Earth, will be launched in 2026-2027..

It is reported that Russia also has a manned space flight program that provides for sending Russian astronauts to the moon in the early 1930s.


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