A test that detects infection with the Corona virus in 15 minutes using “yeast”


Australian researchers are working on a test to detect infection with the Coronavirus within 5 to 15 minutes, using bread yeast as a main ingredient, and the Queensland government has awarded the biotechnology company.Changing Technologies“ 1.5 million Australian dollars (1.7 million USD) in funding for the spending, and today researchers said it works similarly to a pregnancy test.

The new test
The new test

Lead researcher Yadvir Griol said that a few drops of a special solution are placed on a nasal swab, then the test can be applied to a strip, and the result can be obtained within 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the severity of the injury, according to the site tellerreport.

He explained that yeast contains particles that can trap the virus, and this cheap, rapid test can be used when entering high-risk areas such as hospitals, elderly care facilities and shopping malls.

On the other hand, executives of the Swiss company confirmed yesterday that the Lonza company Lonza“I am confident that the American and Swiss factories that are building it to help make Moderna vaccine” MRNAIt’s ready for commercial production this year.

New product lines are aimed at site Lonza In “Portsmouth”, “New Hampshire”, USA, to start manufacturing vaccine components in November, while 3 lines should start in “Visp”, Switzerland, to provide 300 million doses of vaccine annually by December.

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