A woman consumes her husband’s memorial after refusing to kill a mouse in his bedroom in Zambia


A woman in Zambia devoured her husband’s remembrance member after he refused her request to kill the mouse that messes in her bedroom, causing her severe discomfort during sleep, and according to the New York Post, the husband named Ibrahim Musonda (52 years old) suffers from a major injury, when his wife (40 years old) devouring his penis and implanting her teeth in it with great force, causing severe wounds and cuts in the penis.


Musonda was transferred to Kitui Teaching Hospital, where he was treated for the horrific injury, the Mirror reported, and Boothwell Namusua, Deputy Police Commissioner in Copperbelt County, confirmed that the two were separated and had separate bedrooms in the same house, and it was not known if the woman had been directed at her. Accusations or not.


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