Abd al-Rasool knows critics of her descent into the sea with her “mayo”: “Your friend is Heaven, uncle.”


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Actress Arifa Abdel-Rasoul commented on the criticisms she faced through the social media pages after publishing her photos in swimsuits and commented on her “I found the goodness”, as many negative comments poured in on her.

“I am Alexandrian and our longevity wears a swimsuit while we are descending the sea,” Abdel-Rasoul said, on the program “et in Arabic”.

She added, “I was seriously surprised by the people who say going down to the sea in a bathing suit. Our Lord guides them, and our Lord guides me. All that I ask of the people is that everyone looks at his paper, no one else has an invitation.”

And she continued: “Your friend is Heaven, O uncle of salvation. You will enter Paradise, and when all of you will fear Heaven, I hope, who means the one who scares the fire .. He will build?

It is noteworthy that the latest works of the artist Arefa Abdel Rasoul, the series “B100osh”, starring the artist Nelly Karim and Asir Yassin, written by Wael Amr Al-Dali, and directed by Kamila Abu Bakri.

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