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The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, passed away today, Tuesday, from our world after the age of 91, leaving behind him a long career in the official work in which he spent about 65 years, gradually in many positions that prevented him, as he says, from enjoying as he wants with a hobby Fishing, which was in the past the main profession of Kuwaitis.

Growing up, youth and family

Sheikh Sabah was born on June 16, 1929, and he is the fourth son of the male children of the tenth Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, from his mother, Mrs. Munira Al-Ayyar, and he is the half-brother of the late Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber.

He received his education at the beginning of Al-Mubarakiya School in Kuwait, and then completed it at the hands of private professors.

In the forties of the last century, Sabah Al-Ahmad, while he was still in his early youth, married Sheikha Fattouh Al-Salman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, and he did not marry after her, even after her death in the early nineties of the last century, to spend the rest of his life as a widow.

Sheikh Sabah has three sons and one girl, namely Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad, Sheikh Hamad, and Sheikh Ahmed, who died in a car accident in 1969, while his only daughter Salwa died in 2002 after contracting breast cancer.

Formal work

Sheikh Sabah began government work in the year 1955, when he was appointed head of the Department of Social Affairs and Labor and the Department of Publications and Publishing, then Minister of Guidance and News in 1962, before he assumed the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs starting from the beginning of the year 1963, and he continued to hold this position in all ministries until 1991 Besides, he held other positions.

He was appointed as Minister of Information twice, the first in the period between 1971-1975, and the second between 1981 and 1982, and between the two periods, he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister at the beginning of 1978, to occupy the same position in 1985, and he was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister in 1992.

On July 13, 2003, Sheikh Sabah was appointed Prime Minister, before he assumed the reins of government in the country on January 29, 2006, after the National Assembly transferred the powers of Prince Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah to the Council of Ministers due to his health conditions, and members of Parliament pledged allegiance to him unanimously. After being selected by the Council of Ministers for this position after assuming the Emirati powers.

Lovable prince

Kuwaitis always show feelings of love and respect for their Emir Sheikh Sabah, who attends many of their events and receives them in public events, and enjoys their sympathy for every health problem he is exposed to.

In 2015, Sheikh Al-Sabah came to the Al-Sadiq Mosque in the capital, Kuwait, shortly after a suicide bombing inside it, which left more than 25 dead and dozens wounded, and appeared among the people who gathered at the place despite the warnings of his private guard about the danger of his presence with the possibility of a new explosion.

A year earlier, the United Nations Organization granted Sheikh Sabah the title of Leader of Humanitarian Action. In recognition of his country’s efforts in supporting the plans and projects of the United Nations in poor countries, or those destroyed by wars and conflicts.

In old statements attributed to the late Emir, who, as a high-ranking official, lived the Iraq-Iran war, the invasion of Kuwait and the events of the Arab Spring, he did not forget the hobby of sea fishing, and he used to spend his vacation as a fisherman simulating the life of Kuwaitis in the era before the discovery of oil, when the sea was the only source of livelihood for Kuwaitis.

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