Adly Al-Qiai praises the way Al-Ahly deals with the file of the foreign coach


Adly Al-Qai’i defended Al-Ahly club’s management of the new Al-Ahly coach’s file after Fyler was close to leaving, and Al-Qai’i said in the Malak program and writing the radio station on Al-Ahly TV that the board of directors is not required to disclose its plans for the technical director’s file to public opinion, explaining that transparency does not mean sharing opinion General decisions of the Council, otherwise the Council is inconsistent with the trends of the net or the media, and its decisions become like the contracting films that have spread in some period.

Al-Qai’i added: “The council will convene on Thursday and present its decisions to everyone, but my message to every lover of my family should not be led by the media and demand the family administration to reveal all its steps, because the kind of love is harmful.”

And he continued: “We should not all go after our convictions, the decision that will be issued, whoever is it, must be supported, and one of the biggest mistakes that the public makes towards his club is pressuring his administration to achieve some personal demands. We must meet and converge together behind the decision of our council, not to impose our vision on it.”“.

And Al-Ahly club officials assume that the Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the coach of the team, has lied about his return from Switzerland next Sunday, after the vacation he gets from next Wednesday, specifically after facing the arsenal in the Egypt Cup, and Al-Ahly officials see that Fyler refuses to announce his true position now. At a time when the Red Administration believes that Nie Fyler is terminating his contract on October 1, as soon as the date of his eligibility to terminate without paying any penal conditions.

Renee Weiler booked the ticket to his hometown Switzerland next Wednesday after the end of his team’s match in front of Arsenal in the Egyptian Cup directly, and Fyler underwent an analysis of Corona today, especially as the analysis paper is among the binding conditions for travel to Europe at the present time.

Al-Ahly club officials ended all solutions and used all available methods to keep the Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the coach of the team until the end of the African Champions League, and Al-Ahly management agreed to 3 conditions set by Fyler to sign a new contract for a period of one month, in order to be able to lead the team in the African championship, the first He travels on vacation in Switzerland after the arsenal match in the cup, and he has to sign the contract there with his private lawyer, the second to receive a month’s salary in advance and the third to receive a league bonus of two months of his $ 200,000 monthly salary, which means that Al-Ahly’s administration is required to transfer an amount of 600,000 Dollars in Fyler’s account before signing the contracts. However, the Swiss coach’s delay made the Red Administration seriously consider unilaterally terminating the contract on the first of next October.


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