After 72 hours … the main suspect in the murder of a Gulf woman was arrested in Giza


The Giza Investigation Department succeeded in apprehending the main suspect Arab lady Dual nationality “Emirati and Egyptian” inside her apartment in Talbieh area.

Where the investigation teams revealed, the mystery of the crime and it was found that behind the commission of the guard of the property in which the woman lives, his sister and his friend, and they robbed and killed her in anticipation of her money.

The investigations of the research team led by Major General Mahmoud Al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Investigation and Brigadier General Tariq Hamza, head of investigations for the West Giza sector indicated that the victim is married to an Emirati national and lives with him and her children in the UAE and returned to the Egyptian lands recently to spend a vacation with her sister and her family and reside in the apartment at the scene of the crime She is alone and her sister lives in the apartment above.

The inspection team’s inspection of the crime scene under the command of Major General Assem Abu Al-Khair, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, revealed the safety of the outlets to the apartment, indicating the legality of the perpetrator’s entry and the knowledge of the murder victim of his identity. It blank.

It was found that the victim was slightly injured, and the initial debate suggested that she would be strangled, as her hands and feet were tied with ropes.

The search plan was also extended to the guardian of the disappeared real estate, after the finger of blame pointed at him, especially when he left his workplace simultaneously with the discovery of the victim’s body.

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