After Ahmed Ezz asked her for compensation, he saw the first appearance of Zinas sister


Posted by Yasmine Reda –Sister of the artist Zina– A picture of her through her personal account on the Instagram application, in which she appeared while styling her hair, in her first appearance after the ruling in the case between her and The artist Ahmed EzzAnd the latter’s claim for compensation.

Yasmin did not comment (Zinas sister) On the picture with anything, to highlight her ignorance of the crisis and comment on it, while Ahmed Ezz also did not come out with a direct comment on the crisis.
This comes after Ashraf Abdel Aziz, the artist’s lawyer, revealed Ahmed Ezz, About new developments in the case of beating his client by the sister of the artist, Zeina.

The artist’s lawyer, Ahmed Ezz, said in an interview with “et in Arabic”, “There is no intention of reconciliation between the two parties, and the case has become clear to the public opinion, and it is Zinas sister who trespassed on Ahmed Ezz and not the opposite as she claimed.”

The artist’s lawyer, Ahmed Ezz, added, “We decided to file a lawsuit against the brother and sister of Zina to obtain a financial compensation of 2 million pounds in the case of beating, which is a form of defamation.”

The artist’s lawyer, Ahmed Ezz, said in a previous interview with ET Arabic, about the case of the artist Zinas sister, that he had set a session on March 31 to pronounce the verdict in the case, confirming that he had evidence proving Ahmed Ezz’s innocence of the charge of assaulting Zinas sister, as the artist was sitting in one of Restaurants to conduct a press interview, and he was surprised that the latter assaulted him with insults and beating, so Ezz decided to withdraw and file a report against it.

Ashraf Abdel Aziz added that the accusation was defended and fabricated, and that he had certain technical evidence of the assault on Ahmed Ezz, which is an audio recording of the press interview that the latter made during that incident, confirming that the surveillance cameras showed the actresss sister’s assault on his client.

The Prosecutor of Burj Al Arab was in Alexandria. Earlier, I listened to the words of the artist Ahmed Ezz in the incident that occurred between him and the sister of the artist Zina in a hotel in the city of El Alamein.

During the prosecution’s investigations, he accused “Ezz”, sister of the artist Zina, named “Yasmine Reda”, of assaulting him suddenly and without any prior introduction, and accompanied by an unidentified person who insulted him in front of everyone in the hotel.

He accused “Ezz”, sister of the artist Zina, of false reporting against him for writing a report in which she accused him of assaulting her, indicating that there is no confirmation of the veracity of this attack from witnesses and hotel workers.

The prosecution heard the testimonies of three witnesses of the incident, as well as seized the CCTV recordings and an audio recording received from “Ezz”.

One of the eyewitnesses indicated that the incident began when Ahmed Ezz saw one of his sons in the lobby of the hotel and tried to talk to him, before the sister of the artist Zina noticed this and slapped him in front of everyone.


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