After announcing the opening of the Umrah season … “Tourist Chambers” reveals the prices a


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Saturday 26 September 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Nasser Turk, a member of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, said that the Egyptian side awaits the new mechanism for Saudi decisions this week regarding the numbers and organization of the new Umrah season.

In a statement he made to “Masrawy” today, Saturday, Turk confirmed that there is continuous communication with the Saudi agents to regulate the controls of upcoming Umrah trips. Especially after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the opening of the season.

A member of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers indicated that with the return of Umrah trips, during the month of November, there will be an increase in the prices of Umrah programs. This is due to health controls, transportation controls, high airline tickets prices, the price of PCR analysis for “Corona”, and the limited number of people permitted to travel to perform Umrah.

For his part, Mohamed Farouq, a former member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies and the head of the Chamber’s e-tourism committee, expected that the movement of pilgrims in Umrah will be very limited as long as there is no real vaccine approved by the World Health Organization, with all precautionary measures taken significantly, and a specific application status to sign up.

Farouk indicated, in a statement he made to Masrawy, that Egypt is expected to start sending its pilgrims at the beginning of the month of Rajab next year, provided that the pilgrim will spend a specific period inside the campus, and allocate dates for the entry and exit of pilgrims and worshipers .. and other measures. He continued: “There is no absolute freedom for pilgrims this season like the past, due to Corona.”

Regarding Umrah prices, a former member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies expected a 40% increase in the cost of the program over the past due to services, buses and PCR analysis, in addition to housing; The rooms become single and double instead of triple and quadruple.

Farouk expected that the duration of the Umrah program will be reduced to a maximum of 7-8 days, instead of 15 days for the economic program, so that the Umrah pilgrims have less contact with other nationalities. So as not to transmit the infection.

A former member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies continued: The price of the Umrah program will range between 15 and 20 thousand pounds for a period of 8 days, the same as the last price with the short duration of the program.

In a related context, tourism companies operating in Hajj and Umrah announced their expectations regarding the new season, explaining that it will be a difficult season due to several things; Of which:

First: There are two PCR analyzes on going to Saudi Arabia and on returning to Egypt. The first is in Egypt at a price of 1270 pounds, and it is expected that Saudi Arabia will request certain laboratories to conduct the analysis, and the second analysis is in Saudi Arabia at a price of 860 Saudi riyals.

Second: EgyptAir, Saudi Aviation and Private Aviation are considering setting a ticket price of 8,000 pounds. To make up for the past downtime.

Third: Transport in Saudi Arabia per person for 240 riyals. It means the bus multiplied by two and more.

Fourth: Double economy housing instead of quadruple. Including double the amount, other than increasing the room rate. As for the price of 4 and 5-star hotels, it happened.

Fifth: The increase in the price of ground services and visas in Saudi Arabia, in addition to 800 pounds for room fees, and a letter of guarantee for companies at a price of 500,000, in addition to the new application in Saudi Arabia to organize entry to the Haram.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had announced permitting the performance of Umrah as of next October 4, and re-permitting performing Umrah, entering the Grand Mosque and visiting the honorable kindergarten in the Prophet’s Mosque gradually according to four stages; The first is to allow citizens and residents to perform Umrah from inside the Kingdom, starting from Sunday 4 October next, at a rate of 30% (6 thousand pilgrims / day) of the capacity that takes into account the health precautionary measures of the Grand Mosque.

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