After appearing in swimsuits … Information that you do not know about Arifa Abdul Rasoul


The artist topped it Arifa Abdul Rasoul Google search indicators and various social media platforms after posting a picture of her in a swimsuit, through her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

In the following lines, we monitor the most important information about Arifa Abdul Rasoul:

Omar Arefa Abdul Rasoul

Arifa Abdel Rasoul is 66 years old, she was born on February 19, 1954, and she was born in the Hadra neighborhood in Alexandria.

Religion Arifa Abdul Rasoul

The name ‘Arefah Abd al-Rasool sparked controversy over her religion, and she revealed the reason for her name, saying: “I was named after I know my grandmother’s name.”

She added in her interview with the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi on the “coffee Ashraf” program: “My grandmother’s mother was called Baltia, and she faced many problems because of the name.”

And she continued: “When the teacher asked me in the classroom, and I did not know how to answer, he preferred making fun of my name, and my mother called me Mervat, but in the official papers my name is well known.”

Arefa Abdul Rasoul husband

Arifa Abdel Rasoul confirmed that her husband had an influential role in her life and encouraged her to achieve her pregnancy by leaving Alexandria and settling in Cairo “East Hollywood” in order to become a professional acting.

She said that she left her children under the care of her husband in Alexandria and traveled to Cairo.


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