After Asma Jalal’s apology … Amina Khalil, the heroine of the movie “Man’s Stand” | news


Actress Asma Jalal has apologized over the past few days for starring in the movie “A Man’s Stand.”

A source told the ET Arabic program that the actress Amina Khalil is the heroine of the comedy film, which will begin filming its first scenes tomorrow in Hurghada.

And Bayoumi Fouad had said during an interview with the program et in Arabic, that he is participating in the movie “A Man’s Stand” with Majid Al-Kadwani, Sayed Ragab and Sherif El-Desouki, directed by Ahmed El-Gendy and produced by Ahmed Al-Janayni.

The film at the beginning was called “Awajiz Al Farah” and changed to “A Man’s Stand.” Bayoumi confirmed that he approved the film after knowing the names participating in it and that it was an honor for him to work with these stars, explaining that the filming will take place soon, and its events revolve around 4 friends who meet from In order to do some things.

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