After expanding it, find out the number of lanes of the Ring Road in each sector


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The new designs of the Ring Road expansion works revealed the number of lanes of the road in each sector, in the distance from Saad al-Din al-Shazli to al-Marj, 3 lanes will be added in each direction, so that the ring road in this distance becomes 7 lanes in each direction, and all bridges and tunnels are expanded at that distance.

– An archive photo
Minister of Transport in Aswan – archive photo

From the Alexandria Agricultural Interchange to the 26th of July Corridor, with a length of 15 km, 4 lanes will be added, making the distance 8 lanes.

In the 12 km distance from the highway to Mariouteya, the road will be expanded to become 7 lanes for each direction instead of 4 lanes in each direction.

– An archive photo

4 lanes will be added and a new bridge will be constructed next to El Moneeb Bridge on the Nile, with a length of 1 km, to become 8 lanes in each direction instead of 4 lanes.

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