After Gamal Youssef .. Arab stars were able to defeat cancer


Cancer is one of the biggest health problems facing the world, and it is the most important cause of death on the global level, just like other people. Artists are exposed to this disease, and sometimes it ends their lives.

Here are the most prominent stars who faced and defeated cancer, as well as those who defeated them and killed them.

– The artist Jamal Youssef

A few days ago, director Tamer Hamza announced that the artist Jamal Youssef was suffering from deterioration in his health several months ago. So that the latter was diagnosed with hypopharyngeal cancer.

Artist Jamal Youssef underwent 35 radiotherapy sessions over a period of two months, after he had atomic scan rays. After discovering a swollen lymph gland behind his ear, last March.

He also confirmed that he underwent radiotherapy sessions that affected his vocal cords and the movement of his neck, because of which, he fell into a coma for a period in a Cairo hospital before leaving it to return home to complete the treatment.

Sherif Madkour

Journalist Sherif Madkour announced, a year ago, that he had a non-benign tumor in the colon.

– Elisa

Actress Elissa had previously announced that she had a tumor in the breast, and the way she announced the news was the most influential; Because she told her audience through her penultimate clip, which bore the name “To All Who Love Me”.

The Lebanese actress Elissa also announced that she is recovering from breast cancer, and said that she is seeking from this; To encourage women to recover from this insidious disease.


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