After his arrest .. Details of an employee harassing a child in New Cairo (shocking video)


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The security services of the Cairo Security Directorate arrested an employee who harassed a child in the New Cairo area, after social media activists circulated a video showing a person stripping a child’s clothes inside my angel’s car.

The investigations revealed that the accused is a “employee”, who lives in the same area in which the incident was committed, and that the surveillance cameras located in one of the properties captured the footage that was circulated on the communication sites, as surveillance cameras were tracked and the perpetrator of the incident was found.

A mission was prepared and the security services were able to arrest him, and investigations and investigations revealed that the three children who appeared in the video are neighbors of the accused, as he used their toys in the street, and he put one of them in his car and harassed him, and a report of the incident was released, and it is being presented to the Public Prosecution for investigation with him. .

A shocking video spread on social media sites captured by a surveillance camera belonging to one of the villas in the Yasmine area of ​​the Fifth Settlement district in New Cairo, and in the video a young man in his forties appears, standing next to his angel car with three children who were playing in the street, where he called them and put one of them in his car He was sexually assaulted, and at the end of the video the child was getting up from the car and quietly arranging his clothes, as if he was used to this matter.

The pioneers of the social media seized a state of anger, and some of them took the initiative to inform the National Center for Childhood, demanding the arrest of this person who sexually assaulted children, and bringing him to a speedy trial. This came several days after a similar incident committed by a teacher against a girl in her house in the Mokattam district, where he took advantage of the opportunity to be with her in a closed room and kissed and embraced her. Investigations.

The circulating video does not show the truth of the incident, and the competent authorities will examine the video, in addition to investigating the accused and asking the children to determine the truth of that incident.

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