After his success with his son, Fadl Shaker “is out of all accounts” with Sherif Qassem


After his success with his son Muhammad Shaker, the Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker finished recording a new song with a romantic character in the Egyptian dialect, entitled “Out of all accounts”, from the words of Muhammad Yunus, composed by Ahmed Zaim, and arranged by Sherif Qassem, the distributor Sherif presented it in a new and different way About his previous songs and it will be a surprise to Fadl’s audience, expressing his wishes that they will be admired, according to his statements to “The Seventh Day”,

On the other hand, Sherif Qassem recently collaborated with Muhammad Fadl Shaker in the clip of his new song “Min Hala”, the words of Ahmed Madi, and Mohamed Shaker composed in his first experiments with composing, arranged by Sherif Qassem, Mix and Master Roger Abi Akl, and directed by Ashraf Ghannam.

Fadl Shaker recently released the song “Good Morning Lebanon” on his YouTube channel, with lyrics by Siham Shashaa, composed by Ayman Qumaiha, distributed by: Omar Sabbagh and supervised by Iyad al-Naqib. Lebanon Good morning, Lebanon .. O inhabitant of the emptiness of conscience .. Oh the most beautiful of my Lord’s creation .. a country greater than sadness .. Good morning to your gate .. Lord decorated your reproach .. Morning paradise on your soil .. Oh light and the adornment of the homelands .. Your morning my world Green .. your morning smell of amber .. come and wake up the cup. “

The artist Fadl Shaker was keen on re-distributing the work musically again, with the participation of a group of the most important musicians in the Arab world, knowing that “Wahshtouni” is from the words of the arc and composed by Khaled Ezz, which is in the Gulf dialect, and produced by the artist Fadl Shaker.


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