After questioning the lineage of her children from her Egyptian husband, a fire response from Nadia, the Iraqi


The artist opened Iraqi Nadia Fire on a number of people who questioned the lineage of her children by publishing a fiery message on her personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

And Nadia al-Iraqiya wrote: “Oh, my country and their father … You have come back to publish their pictures and the dirtiest comments … By what right did you question the lineage? By what right do you say money is your way? You have seen how?”

And she added: “Envy and hatred sat me down from work … We are not happy … and diseases entered my house … they were annihilated.

Nadia Al-Iraqi moved to Egypt in 1977, then married an Egyptian man and gave birth to 3 children, Adham, Mai and Nelly, and one of her most famous films is “Abu Ali.”

In 2012, Nadia Al-Iraqi presented a number of Iraqi series, then in 2015 she participated in the play “Kho Mako Shi” with her friend, artist Wafa Hussein.


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