After the advisor to the president warned … What are the risks of contracting influenza and “Cor.”


11:00 AM

Saturday 12 September 2020

I wrote – Amira Helmy

Dr. Awad Tajuddin, the President’s Health Adviser, warned that there will be a confusion between seasonal influenza and Corona virus during the coming winter season, especially with the opening of schools and universities.
He said during a telephone interview on the “Kalam Huanim” program broadcast on the “Al-Hadath Today” satellite channel, that there is a need to continue precautionary measures to limit the spread of Corona, explaining that there is no medicine or serum dedicated to the Corona virus so far, and what protocols are used are medicines that were present Already used to treat other diseases.
The incidence of colds and acute respiratory viral infections increases in the fall season, and infection with the “Corona” virus may be accompanied by it at the same time, which leads to the failure of the work of some organs in the person’s body.
And the simultaneous infection of these two diseases can cause disruption of the work of some organs, causing problems in the heart and blood vessels, and can be fatal to humans, according to what was stated by the ENT doctor, Vladimir Zaitsev.
The doctor confirmed that influenza can turn into pneumonia, and that there is a risk of problems in the pharynx, bronchi and lungs, according to the Russian agency, Sputnik.
Zaitsev said that infection with “Corona” virus is in most cases bronchopulmonary disease, according to what he told the AIF website.
On how to recover, the doctor advises you to pay attention to physical fitness and good sleep, which will facilitate the treatment process.


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