After the debate, Trump and Biden publish videos of it, so what did they choose?


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US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival in the 2020 US presidential race, Joe Biden, released videos from the sharp debate that took place between them, Tuesday evening.

According to “CNN”, the US President has posted several videos of the debate on his official page on the social networking site, Twitter, highlighting certain aspects of the debate, including a video clip with a comment in which he said: “Joe Biden refuses to answer a question about the Supreme Court.” .

In a separate tweet, Trump published a video clip of his competitor’s answer on the topic of the new Corona virus, or what is known as “Covid-19,” saying, with a comment: “If we listened to Joe Biden on the topic of Corona virus, millions of people would die.”

For his part, Biden posted a video clip on his official page on Twitter, on the issue of health care, in which he said: “Donald Trump wants to cut health care to millions of people during a global pandemic. It looks correct. ”

In a separate tweet, Joe Biden posted another video about the strained relations with China during Trump’s presidency, saying in a comment: “Donald Trump talks a lot about the art of deals, but under his eyes, China has achieved perfection in iron art.”

The debate is divided into 6 parts, and each part deals with a specific topic, namely: Trump and Biden records, the Supreme Court, the new Corona virus (Covid-19), violence and race in cities, and the integrity of the elections, according to the Presidential Debating Commission.

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