After the Genoa disaster … the Italian league faces the risk of being suspended


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Confirmed Reports Journalist Italian that Competitions League Italian Threatened Commenting Because crisis virus Corona Newcomer, والتي Started Hit Playgrounds Calcio Once Other.

And it was club Genoa may be Advertise in a time formerly Discovery 14 infection between His ranks With a virusCovid-19“، د Rear Face it Before Naples within Competitions Round the second From season.

وقال Club in a statement formal: ”Announces club Genoa infection 14 Individuals between لاعبي the team والمظفين With a virus Corona, وقام Club Activate all Measures According Protocol Followed“.

And preparing Genoa لمواجهة Turin in a Round The third From Omar season, While Will meet Naples Counterpart Juventus, And did not Is evident fate The two matches Even right Now, Especially With submission Components Genoa ونابولي For insulation Healthy.

And according to For a newspaperCorriere Dela SeraItalian The Cucumber Suspension Competitions Competition Remains Ward Occurrence Through the days Few Coming.

و .ضافت The newspaper that the Union Italian لكرة The foot may be Take Decision Freezing Competition لمدة Two weeks, لحين making sure From safety Players in a all Clubs, And limit From spread Virus between Rows Difference Calcio.

Intervals The newspaper that Stop لمدة Two weeks will not Crashes Lots From Matches in a League Italian, Especially With Approach interval Stop International, Rear Matches Round The third directly.

It is noteworthy that the Italian League was one of the first football competitions to be suspended in Europe last March, as Italy was among the regions most affected by the pandemic in the world.

The suspension period extended from March to June, before the competitions returned again with a pressurized agenda, which resulted in delaying the start of the new season as well.


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