After the intervention of the Minister of Education .. Learn about the developments of the assault on the girls of a university professor at a school in Dokki


In a new development of the attack on my daughter, the university professor at Kafr El Sheikh University, Dr. Mohamed Kamal, inside Gamal Abdel Nasser Secondary School for Girls in Dokki, Giza Governorate.

Dr. Muhammad Jamal, the father of the attacker, said:Thank you very much By Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education, On the speed of response and transferring the matter to investigation immediately, stressing that this is not surprising for a professor and scientist in his stature.

The university professor added in a new post on his official page on the social networking site Facebook: I made a memorandum in the Education Directorate and met with the Director of the Directorate and about the memo for investigation, thankfully, as well. I went to the Dokki educational administration, and there it was discovered that the aforementioned school was involved in several violations of the administration’s and directorate’s decisions. Accordingly, a complaint was filed and it was indicated to transfer the matter for investigation.

Dr. Muhammad Kamal continued his statements by saying: I also went to the Dokki Police Department and released a misdemeanor of insulting, defamation, hand assault and taking off the veil of a teacher in the aforementioned school, and a misdemeanor of insulting and defamation of the school director.

As for the details of the incident, Dr. Muhammad Kamal narrated what happened, saying:

My two daughters went today to the aforementioned school, one of them is my older daughter, who has obtained high school this year from the school with a total of 99%. .

He said: My daughters did not find the person responsible for the diplomas in the school, and while they were there the Physical Education School tried to force them to buy the school uniform for the youngest daughter today, and my daughters responded and upon paying the cost of the uniform, the school threw money on the ground and Rana paid my daughter from her shoulder and pulled the veil from Her head and a quantity of insults to her not here her scope.

He continued his statements, saying: My daughter collapsed and went into a state of hysterical crying, and I asked the school principal, so I was surprised that he would come and when she told him that the school had hit her, he said to her, “There are no signs about to come,” and the university professor’s daughter replied: “He is also supposed to know something to keep hitting me ? “. The headmaster of the school said to her, “You put it on too,” and the daughter answered.Who is this to give me boots? And the director said, “Go out Bitch De Libra.”

In conclusion, the university professor said: “By God, if my daughters were mistaken, I would go to school and apologize and force my daughters to apologize … but my daughters were absolutely wrong and insulted, and one of them was disturbed and took off her hijab.”

I’m on the side .. The Minister of Education, Dr. Tariq Shawky, apologized to the university professor whose daughters were beaten in a school, after Dr. Muhammad Kamal, on the social networking site Facebook, appealed to the minister, confirming that his daughter was insulted in a school today.

Where Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education, was keen to respond to this distress via Facebreak, saying: We will investigate the matter immediately, Dr. Muhammad, with my apologies to my dear daughter.

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