After the president’s advisor warned … how to differentiate between Corona and influenza, the


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Monday 07 September 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Dr. Awad Taj al-Din, the president’s health advisor, warned that there will be a confusion between seasonal influenza and the Corona virus during the coming winter season, which is concluded with the opening of schools and universities.

He said during a telephone interview on the “Kalam Huanim” program broadcast on the “Al-Hadath Today” satellite channel, Sunday, that there is a need to continue precautionary measures to limit the spread of Corona, explaining that there is no medicine or vaccine dedicated to the Corona virus so far, and what protocols are used are drugs It was already present and used to treat other diseases.

The seriousness of the Corona virus appears in that its symptoms are similar to regular influenza, such as coughing and high temperature, so how to distinguish it from the regular flu?

In simple points, we present to you the difference between the symptoms of the emerging virus and regular influenza, according to the website that the Cabinet launched to raise awareness of “Corona”.

Coronavirus symptoms:

– fever.

A very high temperature (common in 98% of cases).

Dry cough (common in 82% of cases).

Extreme fatigue (common in 44% of cases).

Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.

Severe and persistent headache

Sneezing and runny nose (rare).

Pneumonia (occurs in late cases).

There is no sore throat.

Chills is rare.

There is no muscle pain.

Its symptoms appear within 2-14 days.

3.4% death rate among the injured.

Common flu symptoms:

Sudden fever

Coughing up with phlegm.

Mild fatigue.

– Shortness of breath.

Mild headache.

Continuous sneezing and runny nose in some cases.

Acute pneumonia occurs in the elderly and those with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart, heart disease).

There is a sore throat.


There is muscle pain.

Symptoms appear within hours.

-1% death rate among the injured.

There are several vaccines available for treatment.

Some tips for dealing with the current conditions to prevent corona

– When greeting guests at home, greeting is a meter away by: waving the hand, nodding or crouching.

Ask everyone in the house to wash their hands, including the guests.

– Continuous cleaning of surfaces and things, especially those that are touched a lot.

– If someone in the crowd feels that he is not well (especially if his symptoms are positive for the emerging corona virus), be careful not to share places together.

If you develop symptoms of the emerging corona virus, contact the competent health care authority by phone before going.

– Create a preparatory plan for you in the event of an outbreak of the virus in your community. In the event that you go out of the house, try to adhere to all instructions as if you were at home. Keep a constant update of the developments of the virus from reliable sources.


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