Agreement between the Italian Agency and UNICEF to support mental health in the Gaza Strip


The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for International Cooperation and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation signed, with UNICEF, a partnership to provide basic integrated protection for children and their families, and support mental health in the Gaza Strip.

The agreement was signed by the Consul General of Italy in Jerusalem, Giuseppe Fidel, and the UNICEF Special Representative in the State of Palestine, Lucia Elme.

“The ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip has greatly affected the mental health and psychological and social well-being of children and their families,” a joint statement from the Italian agency and UNICEF said on Friday.

The statement added: “This partnership between the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and UNICEF focuses on ensuring access to basic and integrated protection services for about 7,425 children and their families in the targeted areas in the Gaza Strip. The partnership will also build the capacities of 10 family centers and about 100 community service providers to allow them. Providing better support for children in emergencies, including awareness sessions with about 4,050 caregivers for vulnerable children on child protection services, and life skills education for the most affected boys and girls.


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