Ahmed Afifi sends a shock to Zamalek fans about the imminent departure of Amir Mortada


Analyst Ahmed Afifi confirmed that Amir Mortada is the general supervisor of the football team at Zamalek Club، He wants to leave his post.

Afifi said in his statements on the Awdat al-Dress program presented by Ahmed Hossam Mido on Al-Nahar TV: “Amir Mortada told me three times that he wanted to leave Zamalek due to pressures.

Afifi indicated that Amir Mortada is doing his best to achieve successes with Zamalek.

Afifi stressed that pressure increases on Amir Mortada over time. So he wants to leave.

The Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the new coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, signed a contract to assume responsibility for the team for a renewable season.

Pachecos signature came in the presence of Counselor Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim, vice president of the club, Ismail Youssef, a member of the council, and Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the ball.


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