Ahmed Flux flirts with his first wife after news of their return: the capital of everything beautiful


The artist Ahmed Flux has returned to the controversy and confusion of his followers again, through his accounts on social networking sites, after sharing a number of pictures that he collected with his Moroccan first wife Rabia and the mother of his only son Saif, who was from outside the artistic community and worked as a model.According to (Hen), the artist shared a picture with his ex-wife, flirting with it, saying: “The heart is not just a muscle, but it is the capital of everything beautiful, love.. warmth, loyalty … honesty, kindness, containment and attention when it beats, adjusts the rhythm of feeling for you, reassures you, guides you. Guide you to what is appropriate. ”

He continued during his post, “God does not look at our images or our bodies, but rather our hearts, and kind hearts will remain good despite the darkness of this world, and there are still hearts full of kindness and tolerance.”

The artist had shared a number of pictures that he collected in Brabia through his official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, during which he appeared while hugging her a few days ago.Hundreds of comments received by the artist on the two pictures that he shared through his account, between confusion and offering congratulations as indications of his return to her, and one of the most prominent of them was, “Our Lord is pleased and brings you together from the second and Sifu grows between the most grievous mother and the master of men. The mother of your son Rabia, a great greeting from me to her and it is enough for me that she is the daughter of my country, the best thing I have done. By God, you gathered together, they returned to each other, a thousand congratulations. The best news of congratulations to Saif’s mother. This is what we say, our Lord, please you.

News about the return of Ahmed Flux to his first wife

And news circulated about the return of the ex-spouses, because the friendship between them did not break even after the separation, especially in the presence of their son.

He explained that the ex-wife of “Flux” and their son moved to live recently in Egypt after a period of their stay in Dubai, and he was in constant contact with them, but their return for some is just a rumor.

Earlier, the artist shared a picture of him with his ex-wife and his family through his account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, last July.

He commented on the picture, saying: My father, my daughters, their children, my son and his mother are all that I have, nothing but me and they have no one but me. I love them and always support them.

Comments from his followers poured in, “May God save you for some. Family is the most important thing in life. May God bring you together for good”, and others.


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