Al-Ahly achieves an “economic” victory over Al-Arsenal in the Egypt Cup


Al-Ahly achieved an economic victory over Al-Tarsana with a result (2-1) in the round of sixteen competitions in the Egypt Cup, to qualify for the Abu Qir Fertilizers match in the quarter-finals.

Al-Ahly scored two goals in the first 16 minutes to save its effort after that, and the team appears without a desire to increase the number of goals, preferring more comfort on the field due to the pressure of matches.

the summary of the match

Al-Ahly threatened the arsenal goal in the third minute through its Nigerian player, Junior Ajay, with a powerful shot from the right side from outside the penalty area, but the ball passed next to the left post.

Al-Ahly scored the lead in the 7th minute, after a pass from Badji inside the penalty area, which made him stand alone to hit with his right a strong ball that hugged the net.

The arsenal responded in the 9th minute, after a cross from the right side and reached inside the penalty area, to end with a shot that passed next to the left post of goalkeeper Mustafa Schubert.

Hussein Al-Shahat sent a cross from the right side, to turn Nigerian Junior Ajay into the net, announcing the second goal for the red team in the 16th minute.

Al-Ahly was close to a third goal in the 23rd minute, after a cross by Ahmed Fathy, to reach Aliou Badji, who hit a ball that was saved by the goalkeeper.

The referee calculated a fixed kick for the Al-Tarsana team in the 29th minute, to be executed a cross into the penalty area, which was removed by goalkeeper Mustafa Schubert, who was then dispersed by the defense.

Ibrahim Mansour reduced the difference in the 43rd minute with a cross from the right side, around which the Arsenal player headed to embrace the Al-Ahly net, and the Blue team succeeded in reducing the difference.

Al-Ahly pressed at the start of the second half until they made their first serious opportunity in the 58th minute, after a cross from Junior Ajay that turned Hussein al-Shahat with a shot towards the goal, but the goalkeeper saved it successfully.

Hamdi Fathy missed a third goal opportunity in the 69th minute, after a ball that reached him inside the penalty area, to turn it into the Al-Ahly player with a powerful shot that slightly overtook the beam of the arsenal.

Mohamed Hani sent a perfect cross in the 81st minute to Junior Ajay’s header, but the Nigerian player tried to deposit the ball into the net, so the ball hit his shoulder and turned into a goal kick.

Al-Ahly demanded a penalty kick in the 90 + 5 minute after a cross by Mohamed Hani that was touched by the defender with his hand, to ensure that the referee, through video technology, was not intentional to end the match.


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