Al-Ahly reveals Failer’s successor on Friday or Saturday and the failure of the Youssef Al-Belaili deal due to a reason


The journalist Ahmed Schubert, goalkeeper for Al-Ahly club and the former Egyptian national team, revealed that the transfer of Algerian Youssef El Belaili to the Red Castle has become impossible due to the exaggerated material requests from the player, indicating that the Red Genie will announce the identity of his new foreign coach next Friday or Saturday after the final decision to leave Fyler is settled. Schubert said on his radio program via On Sport FM: “The Al-Ahly Council meeting Thursday morning will announce Fyler’s departure from the Red Castle and thank him.”

Schubert continued: “The final decision was resolved. Fyler was late in responding to Al-Ahly officials, and this angered Mahmoud Al-Khatib a lot, especially since Al-Khatib believes that Al-Ahly dealt in a very respectful manner with Fyler, and he did not expect the beautiful Swiss coach to respond to Al-Ahly in this way.”

Schubert continued: “Al-Ahly will reveal the identity of his new foreign coach Friday or Saturday, and he will be a new coach who has never worked in Egypt before and knows every big and small about Al-Ahly through the reports that were sent to him periodically. Musimani, coach of Sun Downs in the picture, but my expectations The character confirms that he will not be the successor to Fyler, and the last-minute surprises remain strongly contained in this file. ”

On the accession of Yusef Al-Belaili to Al-Ahly, Schubert said: “The player’s contract has ended in Saudi Arabia and there is a serious desire from Al-Ahly to join him and negotiations are ongoing, but Yusef asked for $ 3 million, and this is a number that Al-Ahly cannot pay. In contracting, he will not pass him whatever happens to prevent strife in the team’s ranks. Does the player agree to reduce his financial demands?

Al-Ahly club officials informed Rene Fyler, the coach of the team, of the termination of the contract between the two parties the day after tomorrow, Thursday, on the first of October, which is the period specified between the two parties to renew or terminate the contract without a penalty clause, and sources reported that Al-Ahly management informed Fyler a short while ago that he would not stay with the team and leave After the Arsenal match in the Cup, Al-Ahly officials confirmed to Fyler that the idea of ​​renewing his contract for a month to lead the team in the African championship had been withdrawn, with his previous leadership period of the team being satisfied.

Renee reservations Fyler The travel ticket to his hometown Switzerland today, Wednesday, after the end of his team’s match in front of Al-Arsenal in the Egyptian Cup, and Fyler underwent a Corona analysis, especially that the analysis paper is among the binding conditions for travel to Europe at the present time.


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