Al-Khatib nominates Musimani to succeed Fyler … and is kept in Al-Ahly


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly, is one of the most prominent supporters of appointing South African Petsu Musimani, coach of the South African Sun Downs, as technical director of Al-Ahly, succeeding Swiss Rene Fyler, who will leave the team after the arsenal match scheduled for the eighth of Wednesday evening, in the role of 16 of the Egypt Cup, and Musimani entered with more From another coach, most notably the Argentine Rodolfo Aruabarina and the Czech Pavel Farba in a fierce struggle to train the Red Castle before Musimani’s shares rose clearly, and the new coach will be announced in the coming hours or at the board meeting scheduled for the tenth of tomorrow morning, Thursday.

Al-Khatib believes that Musimani’s experience in Africa and his leadership of the Sun Downs team to crown the African Champions League in 2016 at the expense of Zamalek is one of the most important reasons that made the president Ahly He is excited to hire Sun Downs coach, especially since the latter will not need time to adapt to the atmosphere in the continent and will be ready to lead Al Ahmar in the Champions League semi-finals against Moroccan Wydad.

The South African coach submitted his resignation from Sun Downs training this morning, according to media reports in South Africa, to pave the way for his contract with Al-Ahly, and that the official announcement will take place tomorrow after announcing the termination of Fyler’s contract, but the lack of contract with him remains in light of some reservations in the club’s planning committee on the idea of ​​contracting With a coach from South Africa to train Al-Ahly.

Al-Khatib’s desire to sign a contract with Musimani will not be accepted in the Red Castle, whether at the level of the board of directors or the planning committee, as many believe that it is not logical for Al-Ahly to contract with a coach from South Africa to train the team with respect and appreciation for the ball in South Africa, as it is not better than the Egyptian ball even A coach belonging to her is hired to train the team, and the owners of this opinion are of the opinion that there are national coaches who have achieved similar successes to Musimane’s successes with Sun Downs, and it is better to hire one of them if the South African coach is considered.

Those who hold this opinion said that the foreign coach from Europe and Latin America would have a better project and a better vision for success with the team, and this is what the Al-Ahlia administration hopes for the new coach, which will be announced tomorrow, whether he is Mosimane, Argentine Aruabarina or others.


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