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Dr. Jamal Shaban, former dean of the Heart Institute, reviewed a set of common mistakes about the heart, explaining that these false beliefs can have dire consequences.

“There are still many myths and common mistakes that must be eliminated,” Shaaban said in a post on his personal Facebook account. Like the belief that only strenuous exercise and a proper diet can save you. In fact, a reasonable amount of exercise and a reasonable diet can do a lot for you.

And the former Dean of the Heart Institute added: “The truth may not be able to completely avoid you heart disease, but without it, we have no hope for eliminating this deadly enemy .. Be careful of your artery.”

According to the publication, “Al-Masry Light” reviews, in the following report, 8 common errors about the heart, according to what Dr. Gamal Shaaban wrote.

8. “If your parents get sick, then you will also have it.”

Not all heart disease is hereditary, and your doctor should know if one or both of your parents developed heart disease before they were 55 years old.

But genetics is not a destiny. You can control many risk factors, such as smoking or obesity, your diet or your cholesterol levels.

The options open to you can greatly reduce your chance of developing heart disease.

7. “Heart disease only affects adults.”

This is a mistake. Adolescents can accumulate in their major blood vessels layers of fat. Childhood obesity or diabetes may be the first step towards a lifetime of heart tragedy.

Accordingly, the solution lies in following a balanced diet, to maintain the health of a person, regardless of his age.

6. “If you are at a normal weight, this means that your cholesterol levels are normal and that you are safe.”

Start. Every day lean people die with low cholesterol, and there is no doubt that normal weight and normal lipid levels are good things, but weight and diet are only part of the whole picture.

You should quit smoking, exercise, and monitor your blood pressure.

5. “Women get breast cancer but not heart disease.”

Both. Heart disease kills far more women than breast cancer, especially women who have passed menopause.

Men and women should eat a balanced diet and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, there is no difference between the sexes in this.

4. “Cigarettes and cigars harm the lungs and do not harm the heart.”

Nonsense. Smoking is a disaster for the entire body, especially the cardiovascular system. There is a relationship between smoking and all heart diseases, from atherosclerosis, to arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

3. “If you have been smoking for a long time, quitting now will not find you a fuse.”

incorrect. As soon as you stop smoking, processes to reduce your risk of heart disease begin immediately in your body.

Eliminate your risk of lung, bladder, mouth, breast, and colon cancers, and you may actually end up lowering your risk until you are at the level of those who have never smoked.

2. “Keep on taking statin drugs, or drugs to reduce cholesterol in the blood, and eat whatever you want.”

Unfortunately this is also incorrect. Everything counts, statins may reduce your risk of heart disease, but they only do half the task, and the rest is up to you, and that starts with a proper diet, quitting smoking, and monitoring your blood pressure.

1. “The main cause of heart disease is a blocked coronary artery.”

Both. On the contrary, angina pectoris, or simple chest pain, can occur without arterial occlusion or chronic arteriosclerosis.

The cause of cardiac arrest is behind a complex network of factors, which include: body chemistry, infections, and the presence of the so-called unstable sediment layer on the walls of the arteries, and your blood vessels are surrounded by walls with multiple layers, the cholesterol present in the blood penetrates into those layers forming small fatty pockets.

In some cases, these sebaceous sinuses become relaxed and inflamed, and then may burst, causing blood clots passing through them. This sudden stroke obstructs the flow of blood and causes a heart attack. All of this could happen in mere seconds.

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