Al-Olympic: Investigation with Murtaza Qanuni … and we received 10 complaints


Yasser Idris, a spokesman for the Egyptian Olympic Committee, confirmed that the committee had received more than 10 complaints from various parties against Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, indicating that the investigation with him is legal.

Idris said, in statements to the “Match” program on the “Sada Al Balad” channel: “We received more than 10 complaints against Murtada Mansour, including 4 from the Football Association, two from Al-Ahly Club, and recently one from each of Hani Al-Attal, Abdullah George and Mamdouh Abbas.”

He added: “The committee considered that the matter requires referral to the investigation, and the code of conduct regulations are in place and approved by the General Assembly since 2018, they are not (detailed) and the Olympic Committee imposes the existence of a code of conduct.”

He continued, “I think this is normal because any individual is liable to be complained, and he may be grievous or innocent. Punishments may reach suspension and it is possible that no punishment will be taken.”

He explained: “Mortadas hadith is accurate that it is not permissible to investigate him in the public prosecution and cases, but for us we are governed by an Olympic Charter and immunity will not prevent him from investigating him.”

He concluded, “I have no role in the decision if Mortada Mansour fails to attend the investigation. The matter concerns the Disciplinary Committee regarding the issue of not attending. I am not a decision-maker because the investigation is listening to the two parties, the complainant and the complainant.”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Olympic Committee announced recently that it had received several official complaints against Murtaza Mansour, after they considered the behavior of the president of the White Castle a departure from the norm in the sports field.


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