Al-Sisi directs the accurate executive study of the “Murabit Misr” project


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President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met with Major General Staff Harb Walid Abu al-Majd, head of the Armed Forces Supply and Supply Authority, Major General Doctor Islam Rayan, Director of the Veterinary Services Department of the Armed Forces, Hamdi Suleiman and Tariq Soliman, on Wednesday, heads of investment groups specializing in the breeding and production of Egyptian Arabian horses.

Ambassador Bassam Rady, spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic, said that the meeting dealt with reviewing the state’s efforts to restore the ancient Egyptian legacy in the breeding and production of purebred Egyptian Arabian horses and reviving its accompanying activities.

In this context, the President was briefed on the plan of the global project “Straddle Egypt” for the breeding and production of the purebred Egyptian Arabian horse, which includes all sports and activities related to horses in accordance with international standards, within a green space that will be the largest in the Middle East region, in partnership with the most prestigious international and local expertise, and in cooperation with The largest global developers.

In this context, the President directed that the accurate implementation study of the “Mabit Misr” project be carried out due to its added value and cultural, civilizational and tourist responses, and that the ancient “Zahra” farm for purebred Arabian horses be the main nucleus of the project after its development, and for its possession of the purest breeds at the world level.

The President also directed that the appropriate site for the project be studied in a way that takes advantage of the modern infrastructure that Egypt has recently acquired, including a network of roads, axes, airports, ports and supplies, while enhancing the factors of success and continuity of the project through the partnership between the state’s capabilities and successful specialized expertise in this field.

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