Al-Sisi directs to expand social housing projects and provide them to citizens


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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met, on Tuesday, with Major General Amir Sayed Ahmed, Adviser to the President of the Republic for Urban Planning, Major General Staff Ihab Al-Far, Chairman of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, Major General Ahmed El-Shazly, Chairman of the Armed Forces Financial Affairs Authority, Major General Khaled Mubarak, head of the engineering advisory office, and Brigadier General Abdulaziz El-Feki, head of road designs at the Military Engineers Department.

The Spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic stated that the meeting dealt with following up the developments of the projects of the national network of new roads and axes in their various stages at the republic level.

The meeting also dealt with reviewing the executive position of plans for social housing projects in Cairo, where the president directed the expansion of those housing projects that provide new housing units to citizens that are provided with all services in a way that contributes to improving their living and social conditions, in continuation of the state’s successful experiences in recent years in this framework at the level of All governorates of the republic.

The meeting also witnessed a review of the executive position of the ongoing construction work in a number of facilities and facilities of the new administrative capital, especially the government district, which includes institutions complexes, ministries ’headquarters, and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Parliament in the House of Representatives and Senate.

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