Al-Sisi in his first comment on the demonstrations: They fish in murky waters (video)


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said that there are people trying to fish in troubled waters, in his first comment on the demonstrations in Egyptian villages over the past seven days.

“I thank the Egyptians” who did not respond to the calls of “some who tried to ignite the situation,” Sisi said, in statements while inaugurating an oil refining complex in the Mostorod area in Qalyubia Governorate (about 37 km north of Cairo).

Sisi was referring to the calls of the artist, contractor, Mohamed Ali, to demonstrate, which found a response from September 20 until Sunday evening, over a period of 7 days.

Al-Sisi emphasized that there are those trying to take advantage of “poverty” and the financial difficulties that citizens suffer in order to “question people about the achievements” of the state.

He stressed that “security and stability” are a prerequisite for achieving economic development and continuing with reform, stressing that several projects such as the Mostorod Refining Complex have been delayed for many years “due to the events of 2011”, referring to the January 25, 2011 revolution that toppled the late President Hosni Mubarak.

And he warned that there are those who “want to destroy countries under the pretext of change.”

Activists on social media mocked Sisi’s statements today and criticized the spending of hundreds of billions of pounds on the new administrative capital.

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A person was killed during clashes with police on Friday night in the village of Al-Blida near the city of Ayat (about 60 kilometers south of Cairo) during an anti-Sisi demonstration, according to his family and medical sources.

According to Egyptian and Arab websites and media, dozens of people participated in anti-Sisi demonstrations in a number of Egyptian cities and villages.

These demonstrations are rare in Egypt, as the authorities placed “crippling” restrictions on demonstrations and launched a crackdown against all opposition groups, according to international human rights organizations.

In a military coup led by Sisi, when Sisi was defense minister, the Egyptian army ousted the late President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013.

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