Ali Kassem is a new Egyptian face in world cinema


The director praised Amr Salama“I am proud of my dear friend, the very distinguished actor Ali Qassem, who arrived in a record time to the world,” he said on his Facebook page, by Ali Qassem, who co-stars in the American film “Infidel.”



Ali Kassem surprised the Egyptian audience by participating in the American film “Infidel”, starring Jim Caviezel and Claudia Caravan, who appeared in the promo of the film.

A week ago, American theaters received the movie “Infidel” for its heroine Jim Caviezel and Claudia Caravan, to surprise everyone with an Egyptian face participating in the action tournament through his promo.

Ali Qassem plays the role of an Iranian person in his forties, who is a friend of the hero’s friends in the United States of America. His last participation was in the series “The Forgetting Game,” which was shown last Ramadan, and he previously participated in the series “Taya”.

The story revolves around the hero who works as a journalist and receives an invitation from his friend in order to come to Cairo to talk about some of the things that happen in the recent period, but he is being kidnapped by the Iranian regime, and when his wife learns about the matter, she tries to force the American government to intervene in order to return her husband, but she She fails and is forced to go by herself to find her husband.


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