Ali Lotfi returns … Walid Suleiman will miss the arsenal


Ali Lotfi returned to participate in the Al-Ahly training session, after his last medical scan came negative, and it was confirmed that he recovered from the Corona virus.

Lutfi was satisfied with light physical training in the gym, and running around the stadium, on the sidelines of Al-Ahly training, on Monday.

Walid Suleiman, the team’s playmaker, complained of pain due to a bruise in the ribs before the day’s training, to confirm his absence from facing the arsenal.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al-Arsenal on Wednesday, within the framework of the 16th round of the Egypt Cup competition, at Al-Ahly Stadium in Peace, where the team enters a closed camp Tuesday in preparation for the match.

Suleiman underwent a medical examination, to be satisfied with performing physical and hospital training in the gym, to miss the group exercise.

The duo, Ahmed El Sheikh and Junior Ajay, will undergo a medical examination on Tuesday due to their complaints of stress, after which their position on the Arsenal match will be determined.

Al-Ahly players made the “Rapid Test”, this morning, in preparation for facing the arsenal, according to the medical protocol that was recently modified to detect the emerging corona virus before the official matches.


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